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The Filmmakers


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  2. A must see documentary on the change that is occurring and the different reactions and feelings of those within the community.

  3. I would like to thank you both for bringing the issue of gentrification to El Barrio. As a Puerto Rican woman who was raised by my mother and father in El Barrio it angers me to see how we the residents of this community have been treated as if we do not belong, as if our voice is not important. El Barrio's history is my story, my mothers, my grandparents my family and many other Puerto Rican and other latin cultures story. The richness of a people and its culture, what happens to that ?

    It saddens me that I might have to move out because I cannot afford to pay the rent in my community, but it seems as if no one cares because we are not important that's how I feel. As a people we have to unite and stand up and fight for what we helped create and build.

    Thank You !!

    Dione Vega

  4. First came the Puerto Ricans, US citizens free to create their own future by the sweat of their brows and the power of their vote, then the Cubans - political exiles who planned and plotted from the barrios of Nueva York investing their ingenuity, know-how and connections into rebuilding Miami into their Nueva Cuba. Se fueron a Miami and se quedaron los Boricuas still "pelao". They were followed by the Chinos, Polacos, Columbianos, Czechos, Dominicanos y muchos mas y cada grupo invierto and lograron sus metas de adelantar su gente y intereses..., and still the Puerto Ricans se quedaron atras "peloa" en el ghetto de "Spanish" Harlem (Spanish mis nalgas)! Mi gente, don't blame gentrification for your complacency, welfare state, and entitlement attitude! You've had more opportunities to advance and gentrify yourselves that any other group that's followed and still you sit back with your hands held out, watching from the sidelines, gossiping, and crying like a bunch of little babies, fattened and spoiled by the colonialists' tetas waiting for your turn.

    Regrettfully Yours,

    Uno de tus gentes que ya te espera por mas de 50 anos - how many more years will your people wait for you to wake up, get up, and get yours?